It is more important than ever that the employees we take on meet high standards and get the maximum out of the business especially in these tough economic times. Research by world famous Havard University has been conducted across typical offices shows that natural light and a pleasant office environment is the key to a motivated and productive workforce.

Your office can enjoy natural light all year round with Bi-folding doors. The doors are made from sturdy timber which is renowned for its reliability and strength – even so that it has been used on boats and ships over the past few decades. The doors have blinds which are positioned in between the double glazing panels eliminating any cleaning or dust access so really what could your excuse possibly be?

The doors allows a healthier and happier office and this will become more evident when your customers and prospective clients visit the office- An organisation that takes pride in its appearance is a positively influential factor when considering where to take your money.

The Bi-folding doors allow natural light to flood into the office creating a much happier working environment. The doors are the opportunity your office could use to stand out from the crowd – making you stand out from the other offices in your estate the doors can be designed in a colour and style to suit your properties needs allowing your office to become up to date and beautifully attractive. Various colours and styles are available ranging from light wooden colours to red mahogany browns – your current windows and doors can even be updated with this new theme.

Bi-folding doors are a reliable and safe option to choose when investing in doors due to their extensive testing including; over 600 hours of corrosive testing to ensure that the doors are weather proof year round and meeting marine standards! The doors are also tested by locking and unlocked 50,000 times to ensure that quality is maintained throughout its lifetime.

The doors also offer a magnetic door stop so that when the doors are open the master door is firmly held in place – You do not need to be concerned of the security of the doors because underneath it’s pretty and pleasing exterior there are specially added security features for your peace of mind and to ensure the security of your property – based on the unprecedented strength to weights ratios achieved by composites in comparison with your current and traditional doors.