Whether you’re adding on to your existing home, replacing old windows or building from scratch your windows need to be more than just good looking. They also need to be as energy efficient as possible, made from ecofriendly materials and designed to last for as long as possible. You’ll not only have the satisfaction in knowing that you’re going to do some good for our planet, but you’ll also rest assured in knowing that your money won’t literally go flying out the window from high heating or cooling costs. Use this guide to ecofriendly window design and find out for yourself which window design is right for your Houston home or business.

All-Wood Windows

One of the top ecofriendly materials available, wood can be recycled, regrown and used infinitely with little to no damage to the planet. Wood also has that classic look and feel for the ultimate in luxury and earth-friendly materials. All wood windows can be shaped and made into just about any architectural design, making them a perfect fit for contemporary, classic and modern design styles alike. All wood windows aren’t as energy friendly as some vinyl and aluminum windows, but can be made to meet or beat many energy efficiency standards on the market today.

Aluminum Clad Wood Windows

With all wood windows comes the responsibility of painting, caulking and maintaining them every few years or so. With an aluminum clad window, you get all of the interior features of classic wood, while the outside is clad in durable aluminum. Extruded aluminum surfaces never need to be painted and are chip, crack, dent and break resistant. These windows have additional ecofriendly energy saving abilities that can be hard to reach for cheaper-styled all aluminum windows. Paint or stain the interior windows any color you like while an anodized exterior aluminum surface can be made to match a wide variety of color schemes, making them a perfect match for just about any existing or new exterior and interior design theme.

Vinyl Windows

PVC vinyl may be made from manmade chemicals, but they certainly are ecofriendly in their window design. Made from durable PVC, vinyl windows can last for decades with just minor maintenance necessary. Vinyl windows made by Gulf Coast Windows reuse all of their vinyl scraps and waste, ensuring that no materials are wasted in the process. Add in the fact that vinyl windows are one of the best ecofriendly energy saving windows available on the market today, and you’ve got an ecofriendly window design indeed. Vinyl windows are easily crafted to suit just about any design theme possible, ensuring that no matter what your home looks like, a vinyl window can be made to match your homes color, style and architectural features.

Vinyl windows have one more remarkable feature that sets them apart from other windows-they never need to be painted. That means no messy paints, stains or other bad-for-the-environment materials need to be used to continuously maintain them from the elements. Call Gulf Coast Windows right now and we’ll help you find the perfect ecofriendly wood, vinyl or aluminum windows today.