Nothing is ever enough for security. No matter how many CCTV camera packages or panic alarms you install, they can only report after the mishap has occurred. The need of the hour is a security measure which can prevent the incident from happening and not simply give an account of what happened. This is why people are re-considering the safety precautions they incorporate.

In a recent study it was found that in maximum number of cases, thieves enter from the front entrance. This questions the sole purpose for which doors are installed in houses. Although wooden doors provide a fair amount of resistance, but they easily break with a slight pressure or a strong blow of hammer. The very cause troubles people about the safety of their family and house. The experts are now recommending steel doors in the place of wooden or PVC as they provide increased and unparalleled security from breaking in.

Steel doors Vs. Wooden doors

Wooden doors break easily when a strong pressure is applied to them whereas the steel counterparts are solid single block doors and cannot be broken into two pieces easily. One important drawback of wooden gates is their organic composition. They easily rot, swell and warp in the damp weather and also are prone to degradation because of actions of termite and insects.

The doors made of steel are unaffected by any weather conditions and even are not prone to rusting and corrosion. The life span of metallic doors is nearly 3-4 times their wooden alternatives. These doors, although strong and durable, are not heavy in opening or closing. A metal door manufacturer designs a polystyrene or polyurethane core that is then encased inside a steel cover to make these doors.

How to get the best door?

Although any kind of steel or metal gate can provide more security than a wooden door, it is important to get the right kind of door for maximum safety. The first step would be to decide the level of security needed. If you wish for a mediocre safety, a light metallic figure with dog clasps can suffice. For supreme sanctuary, heavy steel doors with high gauge are preferred. Generally, it is advised to have a door with a gauge range 16 to 24.

Yu can choose from various designs like solid and sober faced or window cutouts with different colors and framing designs. Also there are options like glazed fire doors, glass finished panels and other contemporary prototypes.

Since the stakes are high, it is important that you select the best door manufacturer only. It is better to spend some time researching about the best possible door for your house and the most cost-effective place to buy it without affecting quality and security.

The security of your family is the most important concern and deserves no compromise!