Steps For Successful Office or Windows Migrations

Even if it looks that there is still time until the end of support for Windows XP and Office 2003, an enterprise deployment can take 18 to 32 months for a full migration. This is why companies should accelerate their plans to migrate to a new version of Windows and Office.

Here are the key steps that businesses should follow for a successful deployment:


For a successful migration, IT managers must formulate a plan. They should set goals, and stay focused. Another important task is assessing hardware and software in the environment – both should be evaluated in order to find out if ready for new versions and what needs to be replaced or upgraded.

Creating the right image

During this stage IT managers build the standard image, test the applications and automate the migration process. The software catalog gets created, with a list of all applications in the environment together with application owners and importance (critical/ important/ useful). If specific software is not compatible and depending on its importance, administrators will have to decide whether to upgrade, patch, replace or retire.

Testing and roll-out

At this point the IT managers should have the standard image created and should … Read More