If you’re trying to lower your energy bills, then you’ve probably spent some time looking at attic insulation, investing in better appliances and simply shutting off lights around the house. However, there’s one gaping area of energy loss you may not have considered. Installing Energy Star basement windows will help you lower your energy bills throughout the year.

Constant Cold Air

Your basement windows sit along the rim joist. This area where the cement comes in contact with the wood frame of your house is notorious for allowing air to leak in. Sealing the perimeter with expanding foam will help reduce your heating costs, but it’s also important to replace the windows. Older basement windows are typically a single pane of glass, and that does very little to keep cold air and moisture out of your home. Invest in replacement basement windows Pittsburgh to maintain the airtight, energy efficient seal around the rim.

Avoid the Dehumidifier

The winters in Pittsburgh can be brutal, and keeping your basement warm in the winter will encourage condensation to develop on those single pane basement windows. Developing on the windows and dripping down onto the walls, the excessive moisture in the basement will lead to mold. You can run dehumidifiers to keep the area dry, but these appliances are one of the biggest energy hogs of the average household. With new Energy Star basement windows, you won’t have condensation creeping in through windows, and you will be able to avoid running the dehumidifier.

Enjoy More Natural Light

Standard basement windows are small and allow very little light to enter the space. They make the room feel cave-like, and they will prevent your basement from feeling inviting. With the addition of a window well, you can install a larger window. The view out of the window won’t be much, but you will enjoy a great deal of natural light in the room.

Increased Safety with Superior Locks

Another fact of dated basement windows is that they are easy to break into. Secured by flimsy locks, the single panes of glass are also far too easy to break. However, new windows that meet energy efficiency standards also have better locks. The thicker, double-pane glass is harder to break, and the windows will be more difficult to open from the outside. Your utility bills will lower, and you will also enjoy more security in the home.

Increase Home Value

It’s hard to believe that new windows in the basement can drastically increase your home value, but they have the ability. If you install window wells and opt for larger windows, your basement will no longer be defined as a subterranean storage space. With a full entrance and egress, or exit, the square footage in your basement can be included in the rest of your home for valuation purposes. The room will be more enjoyable, and your home will be more valuable.

When you are investing in replacement basement windows Pittsburgh, it’s important that you consider the basement windows. Replacing them will help you control the temperature in your home and lower your utility bills. You won’t have to run dehumidifiers to control moisture in the basement, and you can even increase the value of your Pittsburgh home by investing in larger windows.