Having your own house is a matter of great pride. With pride comes a sense of great responsibility as well. It is very important to ensure that the house is safe and secured. And for that it is necessary that the house has a proper gate. Wooden gates are among the most popular choice. These have an eternal appeal and look magnificent. The sizes and designs of vary from one another. You can choose the one that you find to be most suitable as per the settings and theme of your home. Some of the houses have small gates and some of them have large. Large gates are mainly preferred by people who want to avoid public view of the house from outside.

Here are some common types that are seen:

Ranch style

Usually in these kinds, the wooden panels are arranged in horizontal manner. There are many panels that make up these structures. The panels are joined at stakes and are quite strong and tough. Usually these kinds of gates are just perfect for houses that have western style and theme or have a rustic setup. There might or might not be a wooden fence with them. Moreover, the height of these gates is not very high.


These kinds are mainly installed to keep away small stray animals from entering the house premises or the garden in front of the house. These are made of wooden panels but there are no gaps in between the panels. Therefore entry of any kinds of animals can be restricted. These gates do not have much height but are quite strong.

Driveway gates

These are also very popular and are installed in houses. These provide a royal and grand feeling to the house. When a car enters the driveway the wooden gates are opened to let the car in. the gates can be operated on manual basis and can be run on automatic mode as well. After the car enters, the gate can be closed so that it remains safe and protected after the car is parked.

Depending on your requirements and budgets, choose the wooden gates. You can hire the services of a professional carpenter and make as per your wish and requirement. Or you can get in touch with companies that manufacture different kinds of wooden gates. You can select from there and have it installed in your home as well.